Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What is a head?

I'm working pretty hard booking and some new shows coming up this fall. And I am already working on some touring options for January and February. The big goal is try and get "Miles From Today" into as many hands and ears as possible.

We are working on a MASSIVE campaign for the mid Fall for 'Miles'. It will be a huge way to try to get the record out to as many people. There are a few pretty cool things that are lined up and being prepped. You will be kept informed on everything, but as of right now this campaign will be under the umbrella tree for a little while as things are measured out. ;)

I'm looking forward to a bunch of gigs coming up this fall. One of them is September 18th at Stanley Ave. Church in Hamilton, On. It is with fellow songwriters; Darin Martin and Corey Doak. It will be a short night of some great songwriting and a few good laughs.

I am also very excited to play a short string of Chapters bookstore dates. That is one of my favorite venues to do is to play those massive bookstores. It's nice to see "Miles From Today" selling more copies then "HP and the Deathly Hollows" on a given Friday night! ;)

I am also really stoked about going back to my favorite venue, The Bookstore Cafe in Camden East, Ontario. I am especially excited to play a lot of tunes off 'Miles" and to even try a new song or two that I have just written. Also, we are planning on bringing some heavy duty equipment for recording, and we will record the show for a possible live release in the future.
That is on the 28th of September. If you are remotely in the area...come on out! Or stay tunned for some postings of those recordings. If the recording comes out alright we hope to do a iTunes exclusive release of the album.

I have also been writing a lot. Nothing really that great. But it has been a great exercise and whipping my writing abilities into shape for the next album. It's kind of like training for the Olympics. Just like how those athletes run races and do competitions that don't really mean as much as the "big game", but they still work out and prep for it. That's what I am doing now, just working out and exercising my writing skills for the next "big competition". It has been a lot of fun. I have 23 song ideas on my iPod of riffs, choruses or verses that ive written. And I have also been writing from the backwards approach for me and writing songs without a guitar in hand. Just sitting on the front porch writing with a journal, anything that pops into my head.

I was pretty secretive about Miles from Today and the process of making that. But I would like to keep my readers and caring friends in tune with all the new stuff I'm writing. So having said that I would like to give you a free download of a song that I wrote and recorded this past Sunday night. "COME ON LOVE". (Mp3) Enjoy! Leave a comment with your thoughts.

Okay guys. Be well. Have a good week.

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