Friday, September 21, 2007

Soulshine Album Review 4 STARS!

Scott Orr
Album Title: Miles From Today
Release Date: August 28, 2007
Rating: * * * *
Genre: Rock

Along with Scott Orr’s breathy vocals, the Ontario singer-songwriter’s second LP comes with finger pickin’ good times on the banjo, the soaring refrains of the fiddle, the tinkling sounds of the piano, and a couple of heartfelt harmonica solos. Thusly, Miles From Today finds Orr planted firmly in country territory, although not the sort of mainstream pop-with-a-banjo that country radio has become accustomed to.

See, what has happened is that a lot of girls have done Scott Orr wrong. Buddy also knows how to turn a phrase. Combine those two and you get some killer, if slightly bitter, lyrics. Here are just a few of this writer’s favourite Miles From Today lyrical moments: “Always on the wrong page/But on the same line” (from “Hurricane”); “A dreamer stands on a different blade of grass/For the ground where he stands is not of this world at all” (that one’s from “Dreamer”); and “I can’t see the way you feel/In fact I can’t see you at all” (courtesy of “Wondergirl”).

But the award for song with the most excellent emo-drenched one-liners is definitely “Love Is A Dream,” which features “A pearl-like face/You have a desperate soul” and “Love, it’s just a dream/It will be gone by when you awake/So don’t go holdin’ it’s hand/It’ll never give/It’ll only take.” Take that Conor Oberst. Of course unlike Mr. Bright Eyes, Orr sets his lyrics to countrified melodies, which puts an entirely different spin on the whole thing. A much better, non-earsplitting one.

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