Sunday, August 05, 2007


... back at HQ...

A lot of things have been going on. Very excited about the release of the CD in a few weeks.

We have been in touch with some radio reps in the Americana industry and are hoping to send "Hurricane" to Triple A radio this fall. (If you are unfamiliar with Triple 'A' Radio then just google it.) More details on that to come soon. There have also been some movement on the press front. There are a few reviews of MfT that are done and should be out the week of the release and soon after at various online and print publications.

I have also begun to book up some more shows for this fall. We are not doing too many, because they are hard work and I want to make sure that each gig I do is special. Chapters in Ancaster will be a stop on October 12. I love playing there. And sometime in November I will be in St. Catharine's Chapters as well - that location has yet to confirm a date. There might be some East coast USA shows in October as well, but I am vague there as well because it is all being worked over right now.

We filmed a tonne of videos this weekend for future website release. We are just unloading those videos and editing them. They should start coming out for the week of the release as well. A few acoustic versions of MfT songs from the studio. Including; "I'll Wait For You", "Wondergirl", "You Know...", "Don't Wanna See...", "Love is A Dream", "Take Them Home" and "Old Enough". Those are all being put together for the website. And they are pretty cool so stay tunned for that.

Also, I am thinking about doing a "behind-the-songs" podcast for late September. What do you think?

There are some major marketing things for MfT that will kick in all this fall. So really stay tunned to this here blog, the website ( and They will have all the ongoings updated all the time, so stay in touch. Essentially, there will be some US ad dollars dropped to bring people to the .com.

Also, if you are one of the (un)lucky ones that got an early copy of MfT, leave a comment in the comments section or drop me an email info @ and let me know what you think.

If you pre-brought Miles from Today off of, good news! It will be shipped tomorrow! That also goes for anyone that purchases MfT from the site now will also have it shipped immediately! If you purchase it from, it will not be shipped until Aug. 28.


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