Monday, July 30, 2007

Jeremy Siemens & The Stormy Pier

Sounds like a good book title doesn't it? But really it was just about last Friday night's gig at Pier 4 here in the city. It was wet, for the audience, but it was a riot. And it was a lot of fun to try out some of the new tunes from "MFT" through the simple duo we had set up, me and Jesse on drums.

It was a little wet, so we invited some of the folks to join us under the tent, that's why there's some of the audience sitting behind me as opposed to in front. haha good times.

My friend and photographer extraordinariness, Jeremy Siemens and his lovely wife came out to the show and Jeremy took some stellar photos. Thanks so much Jeremy!

Have a look at the photos and here was the set list;

Don't Want To See That Again
Your Last Chance
Love is a Dream
Fourth of July
You Know What This Song is About
Ill Wait For You
Just The Way You Look Tonight
Laura Lynn
Take Them Home (got cut)
You & I Alone


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