Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What Is Mastering? Jason... please answer this!

I am virtually mastering right now (1000 miles apart, no really) with my cousin, Jason Germain, 2 time Juno Award Winner (wow!) and 1 time Dove Award Winner (wtf?).

What is mastering? I am learning as I teach. Ever notice how every song on the records you buy sounds the same? I am not talking about a punk album. I mean that they have the same volume level and they have the same EQ (highs, lows, mids).

Jason has three things that I don't have and that is why he is mastering the record.

1. Pro gear. He has high end equipment that is Nashville approved and he can do more tweaking to all the levels and eq's, that i am not capable to do.

2. Talent - he has done this for major releases and he has done this well, for years.

3. Fresh Ears - each song on my record to me reminds me of the time i recorded it and all i can hear is that one piece that irritates me or excites me. Essentially, I cant hear the forest for the trees when it comes to these songs anymore. That is where Jason's fresh ears come in to hear the songs for the first time in their finished state and to master it the way that you will all hear it permanently.

I am through the roof that my cousin is working on this project with me. This is the first thing we have worked on together i think. I am really happy to have his hand on this album, he is beyond talented. He's a few years off from having a Grammy on his shelf. It won't be long.

Jason - Thanks!

Friends, Family and Fans - The record is coming, hold your breath.



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