Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Smell Of Burning Rubber

I just took the car out for a spin around the neighbourhood to listen to the FINAL sequenced MASTER of Miles From Today. I approve.

I wanted to make sure it was okay before it was mulitplied a thousand or so times. Everything sounds great to me. The only things that didnt sound good were things that are not things that I could never get right, no matter how many times I try.

I am really thrilled with this album. I feel proud and I feel like I've grown up. I feel like it's a giant leap forward for my music.

Anyway, the master came today from Jason's place in TN. I cracked it open and began to set the wavs in final sequence. You are going to love how "Love is a Dream" starts as the last electric tone swells out on "You Know What This Song Is About". Then I burnt a copy of the CD and listened to it on my stereo once through. Then I took it out to Future Shop and listened to it on a few stereos there to make sure it sounds good in every stereo. Then as I mentioned I took it out tonight in the car for one last carefull inspection. The envelopes came today. 300 bubble envelopes. I began labeling them with return address labels and stamps and the address labels for some of the pre-orders (see photo of first round pre-orders). Then I typed up the "thanks" letter for the pre-orderers and will have that run off a few times to be stuffed in the envelopes. This will ensure that when the record comes I can stuff it in the envelope and drop it in the mail (towards your home) within an hour of having it.

The record should be in my hands on June 27th. Therefore, we are to ship that day as well.


  1. Really looking forward to finally listening to the record. Can't wait!

  2. Love this post, and hearing about this part of the process.

    And LOVING the quilt the envelopes are stacked on. Off topic, but it needed to be said :)

  3. june 27th is today, yay!
    lookin' forward to it, scott.

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