Thursday, May 24, 2007

Overdue, on a lot of things

I am drinking vinalla/hazelnut coffee. I only drink it every few days or weeks. But it is my favorite. If I drank it all the time, it would just end up tasting like regular coffee. So I spread it out and drink blande coffee in between, so I maintain the suprise and anticipation of having the vinalla/hazelnut.

Here is a long over-due update, straight from the Chief Executive Officer of Scott Orr Music.

A release date has been set of August 28th, 2007. This summer will be filled with trying to get the record in every store imaginable and gaining press stories to help promote the album and a tour in the fall. European distribution is being discussed deeply at this time with anticipated hopes for a tour of Europe in the late fall or early '08.

Miles From Today is in the final mixing and mastering stages. The track listing has been altered a little bit in that one song has been removed and a new one will be added. More details on that later.

2. PRE-ORDERS. Pre-orders are still being accepted on We have a recieved an abundance of orders for the new record, thanks to everyone! Your pre-order will be shipped in early June! If you still want to pre-order you can go online at and submit or mail in the form for $20. And you get your name printed under "financial supporters" in the liner notes of the CD!

I played a really special gig at the bookstore cafe this past friday night (if anyone was there and have digital photos, please send them my way, thanks!). It was a great place and I had a great time playing to the very attentive crowd. I got to work out some new songs of the new record, which I am getting comfortable with on stage.

Here is a great article on the new record and such from the Kingston Whig Standard from Kingston, Ontario. Thanks to the paper for running this article just before the Bookstore Cafe gig. Very kind people there and a great publication!

I am working my cat's hair off trying to finish this record. Funny story about that. Last night I sat down to re-record a drum track and right after I started playing my cat came flying out of the open backed kick drum (where i have no skin on the front and blankets on the inside!).

A new website and more tunes will show up on myspace as soon as the pre-orders are shipped.

Thanks for staying in touch.



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