Monday, May 28, 2007

Have a seat

I bought this chair in Novemberish of 06 at an antique farm for $50. I did the normal sand-down in the winter and then I had to wait till the warm weather came around. And I stained it and finished it. It's still looks rough, and suprisingly it is exteremly uncomfortable. But i love it. It looks great. And the wheels are busted.
All in all, I don't know why Im showing you this... but have a look. It was a fun journey, and now it is the captains chair in the studio.

Actually, a great feat for me was oiling it. When I had others in the studio recording, I couldn't move in it cause it would squeel like a reporter. So finally, I put some of the WD in there and now she's as quiet as the library history section.

1 comment:

  1. its a beauty scott. go for you, starting and finishing a project like that. enjoy the rewards of your labour