Wednesday, April 18, 2007

To Be Soon

(Side Note: This image has nothing to do with anything, it just made me have a laugh and a half.)

I just wanted you to know. Things are falling in place to have pre-orders beginning on the new record sooner then later.

The new album cover will be displayed really soon. As it is now final.

The plan is that pre-orders will start very soon and end before June. Those that pre-order the album (and you will be a fool not to) will get their names written inside the liner notes of the new album as well as many other bonuses including a digital exclusive EP available immediately after order.

So we just have to put the finishing touches on the web order page. Create the exclusive EP, update and upload new files to myspace and a few other things and we are good to go.

More will be explained later. But essentially you will pre-order the album, pre-orders will close by June, the album will be printed for the first of June and shipped to the pre-orderers right away. Then press tours and promotional marketing will start for the new album with a release date planned for August 28th or September 4th.

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