Tuesday, April 17, 2007

This is a blog post

This is just a post in a blog, so that I keep blogging or posting.

Sad to hear about the stuff in Virginia Tech.

The studio got a new mic last night. A smaller ribbon then the big ribbon I already have. I tracked main vocals for three songs last night because the smaller ribbon picked up my voice a lot nicer then the larger one.

I also used both ribbons to track a stereo acoustic take for a song last night. I used that new small body Gretch and the ribbons really complimented it nice. With no added EQ or effects, the raw tracked sound from these two ribbons were to die for.

I intend to have a new song and an album sample available up on myspace by the first week of may. I will also be posting the new album artwork here by the end of this month.

Pre-orders will start first week of may. More details to come.

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