Friday, April 06, 2007

Spring Snowfall Earns Folk Singer Scott Orr Some Extra Cash


Thanks to a late snowfall in April, Award-winning singer-songwriter, Scott Orr was able to earn a few extra bucks. "I put on my winter jacket that I had already stored away for the summer and immediately found $15 in my coat pocket" says Orr. Keeping cash in his coat pocket is something Scott has done for years but never thought something like this could happen to him. "I don't even want to think what would have happened to that cash if I didn't look in that pocket today" replies Scott. Knowing full well that cash would have just sat there for a whole 8 to 9 months, untouched and unspent.
The late April storm brought on a slew of car wrecks, slippery walks, and created havoc for the morning rush hour commute. But for this folk songwriter it was a money making morning. Scott says, "I'll think twice about what and who goes in my pocket, no matter what jacket it is or what the season is". A lesson we should all take to heart as Mother Nature pulls a fast one on us.

Back to you Dan.

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  1. Sweet!
    Once agian, I'm sitting here giggling to myself.
    Thanks for the smile