Monday, April 23, 2007



Finally, the new album, "MILES FROM TODAY" is nearing completion!

The intent is to have the record printed 2 months prior to the general public release in order to obtain press coverage and media awareness to use as promotion when the album officially releases in stores; August 28, 2007.
However that means production costs will be paid right away and CD sales won't begin until the Fall.
For a limited time you have the option to invest in this project. Your investment will be recognized with having your name included in the liner notes under "Financial Supporters" as well as you will receive your copy delivered 2 months prior to the official release date.

Head over to for full details and order info.

Thanks for your past, present and future support.

Pre-orders are only available for a limited time as we hope to send the final album to the printers sometime in May.

The new song, "Wondergirl" is now streaming on as well as a album preview.

Thanks again for your time and I really appreciate your consideration towards this project.


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  1. wow here had scott gone. The absentee in blogger land. It's a wonder you are functioning without journaling your every thought!
    love you