Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Here We Go Again

Another season of upset stomachs, sweats, hives and vomitting.

The NHL playoffs start in a few miniutes.

Godspeed my good boys. Please....


  1. Jon wants to talk hockey with you. Every year he relives the year you guys watched the playoff together. I'm not much of a hockey fan so he needs someone to get excited with you. He was thinking about you today when the Sens were wining against Sidney.
    well have a good day.

  2. Not to discourage you but the chances of Ottawa bringing home the cup are 10/1...but hey good luck to both you and your team :)


  3. THRASHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry. We Thrashers fans are just thrilled that they made the playoffs this year. First game tonight agains NY. :^)

  4. Sens or bust....i'm with ya all the way. game 2 awaits.