Sunday, March 18, 2007

Session Musician Profiles; SHERMEEN CHAN

Pre-post intro. I wanted to take some individual posts here at the SCOTT ORR MUSIC blog and introduce you to the musicians who have been kindly lending a hand in the making of this new yet to be titled record.


Shermeen and I have played together since I hired her to play with me at my CD release party for "3 SONGS" at the Royal Botanical Gardens in May of 2005. Instantly I was blown away at her beautiful but yet subtle approach to playing. No practice is necessary with Shermeen, she just figures out the key (cause I always tell her the wrong one) and she joins right in at the best times.
She is a thrill to play with, a great friend. We have played over 30 gigs together in the last year or two. She is a classically trained but was forced to learn how to play by ear because of artists like me who badly wanted her to accompany but didnt know the first thing about writing parts.

I would have Shermeen play with me on every gig but, being a full time doctor, she has a busy schedule and I don't pay as well.

Anyway, that is Shermeen. Great gal, great player.

She was over at the studio today recording some parts for a song called, "Old Enough". Here is a video clip taken on my cell phone, its out of time, but you can see her play.

Thanks Shermeen.


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