Friday, March 30, 2007

Session Musician Profiles; Matt Vincent & Sarah Walther

Two good friends of mine. Matt Vincent and I have been involved with various musical projects for the past quarter decade. Matt played electric (seen above) with me on a few Chapters dates this fall. He is also currently recording a song of his at my studio. Matt sang BGVs on "Hurricane" and "On My Own Again" and "You're Always Going Somewhere" on Lonesometown. On this upcoming album Matt will be lending his voice for "Hurricane" again and then next time he is in I am going to try to nab him to record bgv's for two more songs, "Old Enough" and "Take Them Home".

Sarah Walther came in a few months back and was kind enough to sing on a bunch of different songs to see what worked out. Sarah sings on the opening track, "Don't Want To See That Again" and the harmonies are out of this world. The few people who have heard that song have commented on how well her voice sits on the chorus and captivates on the eerie feeling of that song. Sarah also added a new harmony part for "Hurricane" that, along with 2 of Matt Vincent's BGV's make a huge choral vocal sound on the chorus of that song.

Good times and good singers. It's nice to have friends who will lend a voice at a lot less price then $200/song standard vocal fee. And by a lot less I mean like $250 less then that price.

Thanks guys!

Currently listening to a killer album, "Rainy Day Music" from THE JAYHAWKS. Picked it up last night at Cheapies for $6. Worth more than that fo sho!

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