Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Session Musician Profiles; DARREN SMITH


I can't quite remember how I discovered Darren's record, LAST DRIVE. But at some point in June of 2006 I got this record in the mail and it never left my stereo all summer long. It was on my top album lists from 2006 (only behind Springsteen) and to this day I still put a song on at least once a week. The best way to describe the record is, if your cottage had a soundtrack, this would be it.

Anyway, Darren and I sent a few emails back and forth as I continued to praise him for his music.

Around Christmastime I asked him if he would be so kind to record some back ground vocals on a song for the new record. He said he would. And he did. Darren laid down some awesome harmonies for "Wondergirl" just a few weeks ago and it has really added to the song.

Darren is from Seattle, WA. I sent the song out west for him to listen to and then he recorded his vocal parts on top of the mix and emailed them back to me to mix. I have never met Darren. Although I do plan to head out to Seattle and do a mini tour of the Seattle area and then head up to Vancouver to play some shows in the native land. A dream, but something I would love to do in the early new year.

It was strange at first to hear a voice that I listened to for a year non-stop appear on one of my own songs. I have to say, I was star-struck.

Thanks Darren for lending your voice.

As you will soon hear more about, Darren is not the only amazing americana music talent found out there in the state of WA. So thanks Seattle for great folk musicians, microsoft windows, and $10 coffees!

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