Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Session Musician Profiles; Aaron Bruce & Jason Silver

These two blokes have been a huge help with keyboards, piano and organ sounds.

Aaron Bruce can be heard on LONESOMETOWN on quite a few tracks including "Hurricane" playing organ, wurlitzer and rhodes and even some piano on "Coming Back". "Hurricane" will likely be on this new record again and so he will re-appear for that as well as he has a huge part playing rhodes on a new song called, "You Know What This Song is About" and a killer organ part on "Other Thoughts". He is a great player and a great guy. Always a riot when we get together to record. He is a one take kind of player. Im blessed to know him, and his great equipment.

Jason Silver also does a slew of pianoish recording for me. I say "ish" because sometimes it includes the accordian. A great instrument and fun to record in stereo. He played on a few tracks on LONESOMETOWN and is back on this record to play piano for "You & I Alone". It was a lot of fun to record the piano track for "You & I Alone". I got this new piano given to me (see photo) but it needs repairing so that it stays in tune. But it is a beautiful piano and fits perfectly in my studio. So Jason was here and we recorded a piano track and solo for this one song and we had to use only the high end of the piano cause it is the only part that stays relatively in tune. But we ended up getting a really cool sound by just using the high end of the piano.

Anyway, thanks guys, great times.

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