Friday, March 16, 2007

Mr. Doubtfire

I use a lot of different personas for when I'm with various types of groups. I might talk loose and liberal with friends, and then calm and conservative for family and the elderly, and then educated and informed when it comes to professionals. And I straight out lie when I'm with people who like hip-hop.

It's getting tiring. I make slip ups. As Jeff Tweedy of WILCO wrote, "I need a camera, to my eye, reminding me of what lies I'm hiding from". I think I should take the best parts from each character I play and then just keep it with that. Robin Williams' character had a hell of a time switching between being himself and being Mrs. Doubtfire in that scene at the restaurant. I think it would have worked out better if he had just come clean and been honest with everyone - and been himself.

I can't be the ideal person to everyone, and I don't have a camera to my eye, reminding me which character you like best.

So instead I'll just be natural, be myself, I won't lie.

Take it or leave it.


  1. That's a good choice. Be the person that you are, not what you think everyone expects you to be. I like that person; at least the one you are when your around me. I'll stick with that version of "Scott" that I know and love.

  2. Scott you are so funny and honest and wise. I struggle with this too sometimes. I always regret things that I say or do when I'm trying to be something for the people around me. It's always better when I just be me.

  3. Easier said than done, though right? That's my problem anyway. Everybody has at least four versions of him/herself. And I agree that it would be a lot nicer if everybody just stuck with the one person they really are. But it's so ingrained, it's hard to do. But I'm sure you're capable. :^)