Thursday, March 15, 2007

Add to that list

Just after splurging and buying myself 3 books (on top of just recently buying Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn for casual reading) my aunt Denise sent me 3 books for my birthday.

I got 2 a few days ago and another one came today.

Here is what I got and I look forward to cutting into these. But seriously... I need to get washed up on an island for a few months with these books... because, unless I can hire me a book reader, I'm screwed. I am used to 1 or 2 books a year, (one being an audiobook and the other being a magazine).

A story of one man's journey in 1911 charting fifteen hundred miles of Antarctic coastline. Something tells me this won't be about the butterflies he finds and the snow angels he makes...

A Walk in the Woods is proof positive that the journey is the destination. As Bryson and Katz haul their out-of-shape, middle-aged butts over hill and dale, the reader is treated to both a very funny personal memoir and a delightful chronicle of the trail, the people who created it, and the places it passes through. Whether you plan to make a trip like this one yourself one day or only care to read about it, A Walk in the Woods is a great way to spend an afternoon. --Alix Wilber

Apparently, we just found out Sean Penn is making this into a movie. I have already read half of it at my aunt and uncles house, so Denise bought it for me so I could finish it. A great story about a bloke who tries to live in Alaska on nothing but nature. He dies.


  1. I would love to read some of those books! So get them read so I can borrow them for the walk!
    BIG news about the walk on my blog today - pictures too.
    Glad you like the books:)

  2. Ok, now you need to start cataloguing all these cool books that you are collecting. Check out this nifty website
    Now check out the rad whidget on my blog and Denise's. Have fun!