Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hard Drive Back Up Online

Work on my new record has come to a hault (and work on everybody elses record as well) because my studio computer crashed. According to a computer repair bloke, it should be fine and I won't lose any data (praying this is so, cause if it is not so and I have lost my album, you wont see a release until like '08).

Anyway, I found this online site called MOZY. I think my friend Jason Silver mentioned it a while back. Anyway, you get 2GB of online back up for free. But I have a pretty big work computer with huge files, so I might go with the 4.95/month and get unlimited. But if you are interested check it out, and if you register for the FREE 2GB I get an extra 1GB free.

So what's the harm?

(PS. Sorry for the lame post, I will come back bigger and better then ever real soon, promise..just been way busy...too busy...)

Got big news too, going out to Saskatchewan real soon... more details later!

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  1. Hey can't wait till you bring your country sound to the west. I'm lookin' forward to seeing you!

    Props, p