Monday, January 22, 2007

(Good) Morning

Today, I would do something different.

It's a new year...a good time for these new things.

I take my wife (Liz) to the station for 6:30am most days. Sometimes its earlier. Today we left just after 6am. I normally go home afterwards and go back to sleep, then I sleep in, I am late for work and I feel like crap.

Today, however, I woke up with her and got ready, took her in and then went to the gym afterwards. Worked out for a bit, went out for a coffee and a bagel, then came home to work for just after 8am.

Conclusion; I still feel like crap.


  1. hmmmm..sorry to hear that. it sounded so promising. ;)

  2. Just forget the bagel. then run home. Gramma

  3. You may feel like crap, but your body is even more of a wonderland.
    Keep your chin up! Se you at Snowflake. I'm auditionning.