Sunday, January 28, 2007


I am bouncing off the walls today after the beauty find I landed today.

I was just heading down locke street and thought I'd stop in at this old collectibles store I often visit. i got a few licence plates there one time and a side table that liz and I painted white. really nice. and he's got a few old painted wood wardrobes that we are dying to buy soon enough. when we got the cash and the space.

anyway, i left that shop and stopped in a the one next door. a real nice place that has a lot of furniture and classic items, not very much junk or collectables...

but i saw this window box at this store, see the picture, anyway, we have a big bay window with an empty sill, the box is also the same color of our living room...well the accent color.

i love the antiques. i have a few hundred...and i get more every week. love it.

my wife and I went antiquing in Franklin, TN. last spring. We have been talking about going back this spring to do some more serious antique shopping.

Anyway, just thinking about it gets me excited... i love those shops and it always pulls me from the spend some more time and dollars...i think i have been to almost 100 antique stores in the past year.

Some of my favorite buys;

Coke Crate - Franklin, TN.
Guitar - Vineland, ON
Large Briar Pipe - Freelton, ON
Piano Lamp - Hamilton, ON
Ludwig Pre WWI Kick Pedal - NY


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