Tuesday, January 30, 2007

75% on the progress bar...

Well, a long overdue unvague post about the current status of my next as yet untitled full length album. Proceed...

Sometimes I can go a week without getting into the studio or writing or anything. But the last 2 weeks have been the opposite. I am neglecting other very important tasks that should get done to be recording. And recording I am, non stop. So here is where we are, step by step.

- I truly think that all the songs that are needed for the album have been written. An d I have laid down a few basic tracks for a few and the rest are already done recorded. I wouldn't be suprised as the excitement of finalizing the project and such gets me to write another song that bumps something out...but that is to be expected. ("Four Months Time" was written and recorded the night before the album got sent to the printers). There was this song called, "Diggin me a hole" that I wrote a riff and a few lines of back at my buddies cottage in June. And finally just Sunday night I finished it! Very happy! You will hear a song about New Orleans, "Don't Want to See that Again", a new tune called, "Wondergirl", potentially a new and longer version of the Christmas MySpace release, "Freedom", A brand new version of "Other Thoughts" and "Hurricane". And more, obviously.

- Lets say there is 12 songs on the album...well then 9 are pretty much recorded near completion. The other 3 or so are in the beginning stages...but can be done very soon. I have a song that appeared on one of my previous albums (long time ago, 2003) that most have not heard that has been re-recorded and now is in Seattle getting some mandolin and dorbo added to it. I also have 2 tracks that are going to be beat up by an accordian sometime this afternoon! Can't wait!

Shoot planned for the beginning to mid next month

Already in the intial development stages. Also have been in talks with Hatch Show Print (Nashville,TN) on them doing the work.


Not Yet Titled (although a working title pretty much secure)

Commercial Date; Late August 2007
Pre-Orders Ship!; July 2007
Available for Pre-Order; April 2007

Canada; Likely Chapters/Indigo, iTunes, HMV, Indie Stores, etc
US; iTunes, Online Stores, Scott Orr Website
Eurpoe, iTunes, Website, in Talks for distribution for Europe!

Pretty high!

Okay...see ya.

Kunek - FLight of the Flynns
Neil Young - Prarie Wind


  1. Hey Scott . I can see yu are not just sitting around. I love to read your blog .I just mailed your cd. to a little radio station on Amherst Island. It doesn't go very far . We can't hear it in Centreville but I read about it and you can get it online. They play canadian stuff. love gram

  2. Hope your new album has that #1 requested song, "Dreamer" on it. Love that song,,,, ok probably cuz I think its about mmmmeeeee. :)