Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Blogging or journaling or writing a diary (if you must) is a good thing for many reasons. The reason most evident at the end of the year is the fact that you can go back and see what you did each month of this past year. So that's what I'm doing. As I blog my favorite albums, songs and artists of the year, I will also do it with my favorite experiences of the year.


(side note): to see pics or read about each one of these experiences check back in the blog.

1. The Cottage
JUNE - I don't think I have ever felt so relaxed these four days. Picture this, Ben Fretz and I loaded up all our studio and music gear into his truck, drove up north smoking pipes and listening to bluegrass. Then when we got there we recorded an EP in 3 days then drove home. We would record a few tracks and then go out on the dock watch the sunset and have a beer. What a great time. We hope to do that at least once a year. Ben is back in the studio now here at home to record his new album. Great times at the cottage.

2. Hamilton Music Awards

NOVEMBER - This was a lot of fun. Matt & Lisa and Liz came out and I won country album of the year. It was a lot of fun.

3. New Orleans
AUGUST - I hated the work...but it was for a good cause. That city was hit was something that most of the world doesn't understand...and it still looks the same today. Really sad down there. I had a great time with my friends and it was a great experience to see New Orleans. I will be back soon, in a different context, but soon.

4. Groves City

DECEMBER - Shopping with matt, lisa, liz, sven and sarah. our best friends. shopping and spending thousands of dollars in PA. Dinners out and just an all around relaxing time. Great way to kick off the Christmas party season.

5. Nashville

MAY - Liz and I went to Nashville in the spring to do some antiquing and touring around. We bought a lot of antiques and I got a lot of country music junk. What a riot.

6. Denver
JULY - Business trip to Denver, CO. Small business = we drove. It was nice to be in Omaha, Nabraska for a few minutes. I had a great time, worked hard, made millions (literally) and drank cheap beer ... for seven days. Denver is like Ottawa, ON. very clean. See you sometime again Denver!

7. Turks & Caicos
NOVEMBER - This year my inlaws moved to the Turks & Caicos (south of Bahamas). We got to go down for a week and visit them. It was a lot of sitting on the beach, drinking coronas and swiming and, what a place, I can't wait to go back!

8. Banff
JUNE - I was in Banff for 8hrs one day while on a business trip...I will be back there very soon. I should take my wife for a romantic holiday. She would love it. That was the most spectacular sites I've seen.

9. Winter & Fall Chapters Shows

2006 - This year I played over 25 Chapters Bookstores across Ontario. Some were awesome and some sucked. But all in all it was a great time. Thanks to all the musicians who joined me at the various stages, especially Shermeen (always great to have ya). And thanks so much to everyone I met at the shows and who bought some CDs!

10. Ron Sexsmith Show
APRIL - Got to see Ron at Massey Hall this year. Best concert that I have been to!

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