Sunday, November 26, 2006



1. Oh My God - Jars of Clay

- Both this song and the song below it are practically tied. (Jars beat Josh only because of a better musical landscape). This album seperates them from the rest of CCM and these lyrics take the Christian's mind-set, if you allow, to a new place.

2. Thin Blue Flame - Josh Ritter

Continuing from above, Josh said earlier this year, that humans are more concerned about the heaven and hell that's coming then the heaven and hell here on earth. That quote applies more to Jars' song, "Oh My God". Powerful.

3. The Riddle - Five for Fighting

John's album really sucked this year. It was a complete let-down from a stunning sophmore album. But his ability to write a catchy sappy pop tune gives him this number 3 spot.

4. Nothing in My Way - Keane
Essentially, this song is tied with Keane's first single from Under the Iron Sea, "Is it any wonder?" but this song is a real catchy tune without annoying it's listener (like the dreadful, "Crystal Ball".)

5. Dogtown Mines - Darren Smith

You don't know who this guy is. But you will see his album on my album of the year list (just look to the top of the list). The production, instrumentation and vocals paints a pretty musical picture. A picture that I would hang in my living room if it existed.

6. Never Finish - Leigh Nash

Again, this is tied with another song on her album, "My Idea of Heaven". I don't know if it's the originally structured melodies or that her voice is not of this world. But this song is well-written and very well song.

7. God's Gonna Cut You Down - Johnny Cash

I really miss having this guy around.

8. Quiet Town - Josh Rouse

This album sort of blew. But this song is not a great song in a way that it is earth shattering to your world view (see songs 1&2 on this list) but it takes you to a spanish porch on a spring morning for about 3 minutes. Undeniable.

9. Old Dan Tucker - Bruce Springsteen

Instrumentation. PERIOD. A beautiful remake. The musicians in this song are some of the world's best. I blare this record in my car and people look at me wierd.

10. Spirit on the Water - Bob Dylan

This song is long, like over 6 mins...but it still ends too soon. A beaut.

(click on the song title to hear a small sample of these songs)

Honorable Mention;
Emily - Stephen Fretwell
When You Were Young - The Killers

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