Friday, November 10, 2006

The Tracks of Tyler Hilton

John Mayer really hurt music, more then he saved it. His tunes are fine but the metro-sexual guys that picked up a Taylor guitar and became a singer-songwriter (including me). These people I am referring to our easy to find. I will list a few big names who have contracts with some majors. But in the meantime, if you need some names of these Mayer-inspired delusionists just got to myspace music or and search for artists inspired by John Mayer. On a "professional" level there is Ryan Caberra, whom I hate...and well there are millions busy.

So this guy will get put in the same suitcase as the other mayer-carbons. Tyler Hilton. His musical career is like that of Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan. He got his record deal after staring and singing on ONE TREE HILL. Anyway we should all write him off. I gave him a chance because he did a great job playing ELVIS on WALK THE LINE last fall. So I checked out his music career. I didn't buy the album on disc becase i couldn't have an album cover like that in my collection.

But this album is fairly decent. Lyrics are okay...but the instrumentation used is very organic. Nice acoustic tracks, not shimmering plastic acoustics, they are very full. The bass line on "Letter" is catchy. The drums are very full but not "big" and not fake. And his voice is so different. I think this album ( 2 years old) is stellar. Also check Tyler sing some Elvis tunes on the WALK THE LINE soundtrack.

Anyway, i stumbled upon this record again after hearing it last Christmas...ladies, check it out...good guy.

I approve.

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