Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Sarah Connection

Apparently, I did not mention my friend SARAH WALTHER's (on the left) name in the last post, I simply referred to her as "someone". And apparently, that was a mistake. Even though my reasoning for doing it was to protect her privacy from dirty old web lurkers... But now it's too want recognition in the great world of Scott Orr, well now you have.

here are the stats;

Age: 20 something
Home: Newmarket
Phone: Don't know.
Birthday; September 16th, I think
Sign: Peace
Favorite Colour: Whites, obviously
Favorite Music: Scott Orr's complete catalogue
Husband: Sven
Occupation: Some medicine Co. in TO
Weight: Sven?
Height: Obviously a few inchs shorter the Sven
Address: Don't know it...Newmarket somewhere
Religion: Nah, I think she's banking on Sven putting in a good word for her at the pearly gates...

So there ya have it...I have known Sarah's husband, Sven (pictured on the right) for quite some time now. So I was forced to befriend Sarah if I wanted to spend time with Sven after they got married. Kind of like, you know watching TNBC on saturday mornings. Before you could get to the good TV shows, they would always show these boring spots on drugs and why not to do them...and it was basically something you HAD to see, just to see the good stuff...

If her and Sven are a candy apple...Sven is the candy and Sarah is the apple part.


(I will likely pay for this)

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