Thursday, September 07, 2006

On The Metaphorical Road Again

I've got a busy weekend ahead. I have dusted off the old guitar that has been packed up since the spring and pull out my troubadourness and turn it on.

I have a radio gig tomorrow afternoon on CFMU (McMaster University Radio) and then I have a practice with the band late tomorrow night and then the Chapters tour starts on Saturday night. I am quite nervous about playing again, just because I feel like I don't remember any of the songs. I think from like August of last year till May of this year I played a few times a week and got so sick an in routine with all my songs. But now I feel like I have to re-learn everything. I really want to try to give new life to some of these old songs...and I also want to make these Chapters gigs different and stronger than anything I've done before. I don't think I have grown as an artist in 2006, and I want to bring myself to the next level. So I think I might push myself a little this fall and try some new things. I am really excited.

I will be on air tomorrow at 5:00pm (don't know the frequency) I will be playing a couple acoustic tunes and then will be talking to host, Ric Taylor. He is always fun to chat with.

I am also excited because along with the new band, Shermeen Chan will be playing violin on Saturday night as well for some songs. So there will be a little taste of the old, vintage style. I am really excited to have her back for this date, and she might re-appear sometime in October at a show as well.

I think my top priority is to have fun and then to sound good. If you are having a fun time and showing it, then the crowd wants to see what they are missing out on, and they start to have a fun time to...naturally.

Anyway, hope you can come out if you are in the Ancaster area, on Saturday. To my friends in the UK who have supported LONESOMETOWN so much, sorry no Chapters dates there...but hold your breath...I will be there next fall..its in the works...

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  1. I'm sure that you will be as enterianing as ever. I know what it is like getting back in the saddle after an absence. I'll be thinking about you. You were made to write, play, sing and perform.
    love ya