Friday, September 01, 2006

the music of this tuesday.

This past tuesday was a great day for folk-rock music, and the following three albums are to blame.

Pete Yorn - Nightbirds. I have always been really hot for Pete Yorn. The album musicforthemorningafter is still on my top 10 favorite albums of all time. After that album, he came out with the day i forgot. And that wasn't that great. Well this album is a excellent gritty rock album that really rounds out the series well. I don't think anything can ever beat his first effort, perhaps a folk-western full length. But this is a great record. Check out tunes on

And there is a phenom of an artist, RAY LAMONTAGNE. His first album was one, if not the best album of the year, Trouble. And as I have said before, follow-up albums are never that great. But this album I think makes for a perfect fall listening. If you don't care for the slow mellow songs..then don't listen to this. But this is really great. Till the Sun Turns Black, Available now!

Okay, I really don't like Bobby Dylan. Never have. So this album wasn't on my "to buy" list. But someone told me that he didn't like Dylan and loves this album. Dylan's new album, Modern Times is by far one of the best albums of the year. It mixes folk, country, jazz and blues together as if Dylan was the first man to stumble on any of those genres. This album is smooth..and Dylan's voice has never sounded better (only because it has never sound worse, if you know what I mean). I really think this could be a Grammy Award winning record. So perfect.

All in all, this week was a disgutingly amazing week for music. I mean...with Ray and Bobby's albums, I just don't know whom to give my ears to. This is crazy. I have to go.

Other albums coming soon that I am looking forward to is; Songbird - Willie Nelson (produced by Ryan Adams and features the Cardinals...unbelievable), Jars of Clay - Good Monsters, Amos Lee - Supply & Demand.

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