Sunday, August 20, 2006

What I've been listening to lately...

In Denver and New Orleans I picked up a slew of CD's and the time between I have done the I have had more to listen to that I can handle... But it is all good. Let me give you a few examples.

BERNARD FANNING; TEA & SYMPATHY - I picked this up in N.O.LA. and at Towers for 8.99 and I got it because Bernard is the lead singer of Powderfiner from AUS. and this record is on Lost Highways records, which I also love. This record is very much not a disapointment. You will have to check out this acoustic/roots rock album....very different then what is out there. I am really pleased with it.

JOHNNY CASH; AMERICAN 5 - I got this on July 4th. It is the supposed (but they are doing one more) last original record from CASH on American Recordings. Out of the series of 5, this is right up there in the top 5 for sure! "Four Strong Winds" is a killer song. I really like this album, "God's Going to Cut You Down" is another favorite. Great stuff!

LEIGH NASH; BLUE ON BLUE - Leigh is from Sixpence none the richer (kiss me). I met her a few years back...It was a dream come true...I have had a healthy married person's crush on her for years. Her voice is unlike anything else on earth. This album might be one of the best of the year. Really great tunes here.

IMOGEN HEAP ; SPEAK FOR YOURSELF - I know! Seriously, what am I thinking? But I like it? Get over it!

KEANE; UNDER THE IRON SEA - There have been a few sophmore albums in my time that have blown. This does not. One of the best albums of the year. Hear it. It is mainstream.

SUFJAN STEVENS; THE AVALANCHE - This is the B-sides record to last years'"So-last-year's - best - album - of - the - year - but - no - longer - cool - because - everyone - says - its - thier - favorite". But this is just as good as the original!


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  2. What you've been listening to lately? What have you been listening to lately? WHO FREAKIN' CARES! Talk about that awesome party you had at your place Saturday night, not your crush on Leigh Nash. And what's with not posting for 2 days? What have you been doing? Reorganizing your G.I. Joe army? I'm sick of your sorry excuse for music reviews... give me some of that Scott Orr flair that we all love (or hate - kind of like Don Cherry: love 'im or hate 'im).

    By the way... you're right on the money with Keane, I'm a fan of Imogen Heap (to some extent), and who doesn't like Cash? I don't have a clue about Leigh Nash - I just watch the videos, with the volume muted. Perhaps I should take a listen.