Monday, August 14, 2006

New Orleans: With My Own Two Hands/Eyes

Other possible titles; "Another Day, Another Dollar", "My Mouth Can't Say What My Eyes Saw", "They Built This City on Jazz & Blues", "Volunteering- It Doesn't Pay!".

I went to New Orleans, LA. with great friends and Habitat for Humanity to build houses for 1 week starting on Aug. 5, 2006. My mouth can say everything I saw, but I will say what comes to mind, and again, I will let you see the pictures.

- The heat was "in tents". The sun was hot and on me all day and I made a lot of sweat.
- Working on the houses was initially like working in a sweatshop, just without the paycheck. But it got a lot better and the community that developed amongst the volunteers was a pretty special thing.
- Lots of nice and interesting people in New Orleans.
- Nobody lives in New Orleans, it is a ghost town.
- CNN has stopped showing images of N.O., only beacuse the city looks the same as it did 10 months ago. Nothing has changed there. It is worse then you think.

I made a lot of great friends from N.O and new ones from Canada. I will go again.

Thanks for the people who sent me, thanks to the people I went with and thanks to Habitat for having us.

Maybe I will have something significant to say later when I have had time to defrag my mind and figure out what is most important to say.


  1. Wow, I can't believe those pictures. I can't wait to hear what else to did and saw and heard. That must have been some sort of crazy trip.

  2. I am so thankful that God has allowed you to experience things so out of your "world". It makes of us different people and it is always good.
    Thanks again for the song x0x0x0x
    We are so proud of you.

  3. Well hello Scott.
    Since my husband is now...blogging....i came across your site...and must say it kept me from working for a good while! so thanks for that. it's actually quite amusing.
    glad you had a good time in new orleans...sounded like quite a trip. oh, and i guess we'll likely have to see you on saturday at the coolest party ever.
    sarah w :)

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  5. Wow, Scott. Your pictures look the same as Matt's! Crazy. Anyway, it is good you were able to go and make a difference in N.O. I hope the next time you have to suffer through some "in tents" heat you will be better "e quipped".