Monday, August 28, 2006

I am not crying wolf and Kathleen Edwards

So earlier today I said that famous folk singer Josh Ritter was in my house playing songs...well, what I meant was, I had his CD on and was listening to him. My nice friend Sarah W. thought that he really was over playing music...but that was not the case at all. I was trying to be clever, but it was basically a lie.

Now that I have fessed up to that previously mentioned crime, I must tell you a true story that happened today. I was out for coffee on Locke St. with a friend and I saw this red head walk by. I swore that she looked like Kathleen Edwards. And when I asked her if she was famous, she said no, and then I asked her name and she said Kathleen and I said, "Edwards?". And it was her. And then I told her I saw her at Massey a few months back and I was a big fan. She is great. Anyway, this is a true story. So believe me and check out her tunes.


  1. I think you forgot to capture for all your fans the proximity of your conversation. It was not like you were 'yelling' at her as she crossed the street to get to her were almost so close you could almost smell the sweet scent of her hair shampoo. This is huge, I am not sure if life in the hammer will or can be the same!! Scottea you make me laugh.

  2. What the??? I didn't think that he was actually AT your house giving you a private concert!!!!!!! I just didn't know if you were actually friends with him and if he would read your blog. I told you that conversation was confusing. BUT that being said, I can't believe i got my name specifically in the blog. INNER CIRCLE?!?!??!!?
    i think so.