Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Summer & Fall Update!

Greetings All!

First off, there will be no e-Newsletter for July.
So I will be dishing out the ongoings of Scott Orr Music for the month of July right here, right now!

July will slow. I am off to Colorado for a few days so some gigs had to be cancelled. Ouch! Sorry Newmarket and Waterloo. But they are being rescheduled as we speak. There is still a show at the end of July at Quarters Pub at McMaster University!

So here are the tenative news items to keep you keen this summer and upcoming fall!

1. CHAPTERS TOUR - A fall tour for Chapters has been booked and the dates will be annouced in August.

2. NEW WEBSITE - A brand new website will go live this August 2006 in support of the Fall shows. A flashy new design that will make you weep.

3. NEW SONGS - I have been writing a bunch of new songs and have been recording them as I write them and I have been putting them together and I am looking towards a major release in early Spring 2007.

Alright, get out of here !


  1. My dear Scotty. I have read every one of your blog entrys and even sent them to friends in England.
    I am keeping an eye on you and enjoy knowing what your doing. You really should mention your wife more.I know she is looking after you.
    You know the Book store Cafe Where we had our fifth. They have live music friday nights but are running short af acts. Would you consider coming that far?
    I have been listening to your new cd. I think I will send it to Tony Orr at a radio station in Kingston.
    Bye for now Gramma.

  2. Wow you do have a good Grandma. Funny, I like my grandme too. does yours garden, sing and tell funny stories? Mine does too!
    love you grams
    and I love you too Scott. Okay I can hear the house falling apart up stairs.

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