Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Stores and more in 24 hrs


I am three hours away from a 24hr day. I mean it still will be a 24hr day...but I need to be awake for three more hours and then I will have been awake for 24hrs. It is only midnight here in Alberta, but 2am at home.

I did some work today on trying to coordinate a tour of Saskatchewan for then end of August. I hope that works.

So I have been in Calgary for approx. 17 hrs and I have yet to notice a difference with this city from any other city in Canada. Franchising plays a huge role in that. I ate at Montana's, I shopped at Costco, I drank coffee from 7-11. Similar to many a days in Hamilton.

With that being said, tomorrow afternoon I am going to Banff to see some sights and then perhaps check out Calgary's nightlife in the night...life.

I deceided to do that when I realized how close it was and then I thought I guess I should do Lake Louise as well...and then I got to thinking...man I am really close to Japan...while I am here...

Special shout outs today goes to the overly friendly people of Alberta...way more relaxed (and richer!!! only 7% tax) and also an big shout-out to Imodium for getting me through the plane ride rid of any...well you know.

Some facts about Imodium AD...

1. Fast acting: TRUE!
2. 24 Capulets: UNTRUE, (Mine only had 6, but I was prewarned)
3. Controls Diarreah: GETS RIGHT RID OF IT!
4. Contains Loperamide HCI: I GUESS SO.


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